There are 63 chances to win and the payouts increase as the games get bigger.  Someone is guaranteed to win at least $250.  Every game means something and nothing is ever determined until the final points of the game are scored and the buzzer sounds.  The information is outlined below.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  As you will see below, the first 100 PAID entries will be awarded a square on the grid.  Squares are not as expensive for this pool.  It is $25 per square and the payouts are all listed below.  Good luck to those who participate.


-There will be 100 squares for sale at $25 per square.  Once all squares are sold and paid for, we will draw the numbers that are associated with each square.


-          All payments must be either in cash or via check.  Checks can be made out to Jimmy Brockman.  Upon receipt of payment, I will place your name in open square(s).

-         All payouts will occur at the conclusion of the NCAA tournament, not after each round of games.

-         First Round payout: $25 per game

-         Second Round payout: $37.5 per game

-         Third Round payout: $50 per game

-         Quarter-Final Round payout: $62.5 per game

-         Semi-Final payout: $75 per game



So here is how this all works!!!  There is obviously a winning team and a losing team in every tournament game.  So…you take the last number of winning teams score and the last number of the losing teams score and that is how we determine who wins all 63 games that are up for grabs.  For example, if Kentucky beats Kansas 63-55…the square that has the winning number as 3 and losing number as 5, well they would win for that tournament game.  It is quite simple.  There are no bad numbers and everyone has the same opportunity each game that is played.


***IMPORTANT:  If anyone’s check that is mailed in fails to cash, they are automatically disqualified from the tournament and they will forfeit their square immediately!  If you have any questions you can contact Jimmy ( or Tony (  The squares will fill up quickly.  Spots will not be reserved until money is received.


Please make checks payable to Jimmy Brockman and mail to:

Jimmy Brockman
5268 Fairview
St. Louis, MO 63139